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Italy consolidates its leadership among food exporters

Italy is the largest exporter of food in the world, and in 2014, it grew faster than the world’s average: +3.24% against +1.96%. In other words, we are the best in the total, but there is (almost) always someone who does better in individual products. This indication comes from a study conducted by Bureau van […]


In the age of internet, ‘future’ means three months or five months later rather than three years or five years. Here, I said that, it is the five-year future. Moreover, for international trade and cross-border E-business, it is bound to change as follows. The Trend Of Taking Internet Applications As Instruments Instrument means that platform […]


The trouble is, it is not just the BRICS. All the snazzy acronyms to describe investment ideas over the last few decades have come just as badly unstuck.The truth is that investment crazes encapsulated in smart acronyms, and peddled with some slick marketing hype, always turn out to be bogus. The world is too complex […]


As expected, the European Central Bank did not ease policy when its governing council met today. However, the ECB underlined its determination to take further measures, if necessary, to get inflation, currently just 0.2%, back to the goal of nearly 2%. Speaking at the press conference after the meeting, Mario Draghi, the ECB’s president, stressed […]

Italian economy likely to grow at 1,4% in 2016

Italian economy is on track and expects a solid growth rate due to the following business environment of the economy, according to Barclays Research: – Consumer and business confidence data suggest the pace of GDP expansion is likely to remain similar to Q1 (+0.3% q/q). Private consumption should continue to benefit from low inflation, improving […]

Can Australia withstand another global financial crisis?

When the typhoon of the global financial crisis surged around the world in 2008, most countries took a severe beating. Many came close to sinking. But as the United States and Europe floundered, Australia battened down the hatches and weathered the storm. In fact, life seemed pretty good: Employment was high and there was a […]

Weak Chinese economy has big impact on world markets

Global equities ended in red territory, as the commodity bear market continued and the Chinese manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) pointed to increasing concerns about a significantly weaker Chinese economy. This is likely to prompt the interventionist Chinese government to ease policy further in an attempt to improve the prospects for growth. On a positive […]

Brazil economy: primary surplus revised downward, from 1,1% to 0,15%

Brazil Economy — The Brazilian government has revised downward its goal of primary surplus for 2015, from 1.1% to 0.15%, given the worsening crisis and declining tax revenues. The government will also submit to Parliament a series of new budgetary savings of 8.6 billion reais (2.66 billion dollars) which will bring the total cuts to 79.4 […]